“Do you have any advice for removing Sudocream?” Georgina Freedman, UK

Thanks for your question Georgina! Because of the content of Zinc and Benzyl, we need to treat this similiar to grease, something that is not meant to immediately break down when in contact with liquid (eg. pee). There are three very good products already in your cupboards if you do not already have our eco stain remover at hand. You can soak the stain in washing up liquid (dishsoap), or a clear, non-staining clarifying shampoo. For those in Canada, household vinegar can be used also. This will help to lift the stain in order for the wash water to penetrate the fibers. If the stain is not completely removed the first time, don’t worry, repeat the soaking process again once hang dried.


About Laundry Divas

2 Laundry Divas that care about the environment and the effects we have on it when we do things as basic as our wash~

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