Uuggggh…… Thanksgiving gravy stains…….
There’s nothing that screams Thanksgiving more than the stains that are left after a great roasted dinner. Especially one that includes a great gravy! Once you notice those spots, be careful to scrape off any remaining solid material with a spoon or knife, and then blot any remaining liquid with paper towel. You can then sponge the spot with cold water to remove as much of the stain as possible, then soak in cold water for a few hours. After soaking, add a few drops of ammonia and 1/4 tsp of dishsoap to a half cup of warm water. Blot this into the stain with a clean cloth, being careful not to rub. Wash as usual in very warm water.


About Laundry Divas

2 Laundry Divas that care about the environment and the effects we have on it when we do things as basic as our wash~

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