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Press Release

Chilliwack, BC, CANADA – Who loves laundry? We do! The Laundry Divas are making laundry fun and sexy again with the launch of their new website and eco-friendly laundry products at http://www.laundrydivas.com

“Laundry is a part of our everyday lives,” says co-founder and mompreneur Holly Johnston. “We wanted to give people options for not only making laundry easier, but eco-friendly and fun too.”

Holly Johnston and Shannon Faulkner, mompreneurs with a love for keeping it green, are also sharing their know-how tips for busy moms on twitter @laundrydivas and their blog at http://www.laundrydivas.wordpress.com. “Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore,” says Johnston, a mom of 5 under the age of 10. “I do a lot of laundry! We are excited to help busy families save time, money and do their part for a greener planet. After all, there’s nothing sexier than putting some green in your little black dress, and a little “green” in the purse that goes with it!”

With the launch of their site, the Divas are pleased to introduce the Trekker Ball, the first effective traveling laundry system. “When you travel laundry is an issue. With the new Trekker Ball you won’t have to purchase expensive detergents or worry about soap spilling in your luggage as there are no liquids or powders to worry about,” says Faulkner. “And as a visitor to new places, you won’t be leaving behind any harmful chemical waste!” The Trekker Ball comes with its own locally made laundry bag, perfect for storing your clothes before you get to washing them. Also sold in store, exclusively in Chilliwack at All Things Being Eco.

The Laundry Divas offer several other products including the popular Diva Laundry Ball. A replacement for traditional detergent, the Diva Laundry Balls are easy-to-use and gentle enough for those who suffer with allergies or eczema. The initial set retails for $36.99 and lasts an average of 360 loads. When refilled with the laundry pellets, the cost is only .07c per load vs .18c per load on average for brand name detergents.

Laundry Divas started in 2010 as a new, exciting division of their company, beegreener,. They offer a complete range of laundry necessities, as well as a weekly blog site and tweets offering natural stain removal tips and advice.

If you’d like more information on the Laundry Divas, their products, or how to do laundry in high heels, please contact Holly Johnston: Tel: 604-845-3734 or email: hello@laundrydivas.com

About Laundry Divas

2 Laundry Divas that care about the environment and the effects we have on it when we do things as basic as our wash~

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