Red Jello stains….. Red Jello stains…….. heard of them? We went to birthday party on Saturday, and Red Jello stains were a sad highlight. Our hostess was beside herself with red jello on her off-white carpet. Now, I just happened to have our Diva Stain Stick in my purse and quickly went to work on it. First I blotted it with towel, and then worked in the Diva Stain Stick with my finger nails to get it right into the fibres. I left it to sit for 10 minutes before cleaning it up with a warm cloth. It picked up at least 90% of the stain, and I recommended she remove the remaining colour with following solution~

1 oz. of Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach dissolved into 1 Quart Warm Water

Saturate stained area of carpet with the solution. Let sit for 10-15 minutes, then dab the stain with towels. Repeat if necessary. Allow carpet to dry, and vacuum up any white powder that may remain as the solution dries.

This procedure will also work for Red Jello stains in clothing as well. After this process, wash in lukewarm water with your Diva Laundry Balls or Eco Laundry Detergent.

Good Luck!

About Laundry Divas

2 Laundry Divas that care about the environment and the effects we have on it when we do things as basic as our wash~

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  1. Ashleigh Veenstra says:

    Holly, we met last week at the hotel and I had purchased the Laundry Balls a week prior. I just wanted to let you know that I used the Diva Stain Stick for the first time this weekend and I have only one word: WOW. So I found an old bridesmaid dress from 2003 and thought “why am I hanging on to this?” I went to put it in the charity pile when I noticed an unidentified RED stain on the satin and organza (my best guess was red wine?). I haven’t worn it in NINE years and it’s been sitting in my hopechest ever since. I decided to give the little Diva Stain Stick a try. A quick little dab and a spin through the delicate cycle with just one washer ball. IT’S GONE. If that didn’t sell me right then and there, it was the fact that the stick smelled like Lemon Drop Martinis. Love it!

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